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Practice Areas

business succession planning

Business Succession Planning

Just like individuals and families, a business needs a plan to protect its assets and insure its continuation into the future. Succession planning should be especially a priority for family businesses, because of the complicated relationships and emotions involved. A good plan deals with ownership, management and tax issues and results in an orderly transition and peace of mind. We at Morris Estate Planning Attorneys work with families and with corporate owners and officers to insure a positive outcome for any business succession.

Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT)

Limited Liability Companies

Family Limited Partnerships

Tax Planning

Buy-Sell Agreements


Asset Protection Planning

The assets acquired over a lifetime deserve to be protected to preserve their value and utility for estate beneficiaries. Often, some type of trust is the best vehicle for asset protection. Nevertheless, it’s important that any trust be structured correctly to insure that both the principal and the interest continue and to avoid the threats of nuisance lawsuits.

Nevada Spendthrift Trusts

Separate Property Trusts

Homestead Exemption



Estate Planning and Probate

A comprehensive estate plan is based on the wishes and desires of each client and his or her family. It should be designed to protect assets and personal property, and to direct their timely disposition in a pre-arranged manner. A good plan also provides for all eventualities, including the need for individual protection.

Wills and Advance Directives

Estate Plans

Living Trusts

Probate Administration

Powers of Attorney


Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Today’s legal environment and tax laws allow for the establishment of a variety of trusts that can meet investment and income objectives. However, the variety and complexity of the options, and the need for absolutely transparent administration, make this a difficult job for any family. We at Morris Estate Planning Attorneys are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of the various trust and administration options available to its clients. Many families choose to rely on our expert advice and counsel to negotiate the intricacies of trust administration. Greg Morris has extensive experience in orchestrating and managing complex trust administration matters.

Trust Establishment

Funding Subtrusts

Trust Settlements

Gift Planning

Gift Planning

Charitable giving is an important part of most estate planning. It’s an effective way to minimize taxes while accommodating your wishes for your estate. In order to maximize the benefits to your family, and to your favorite philanthropic causes, it’s imperative that the transaction be structured to meet your individual needs. A careful analysis of your circumstances and objectives is a good place to start. The professionals at The Morris Estate Planning Attorneys can create a structure that maximizes the value of your gifts and bequests and minimizes any tax liability for both your estate and the recipient.

Charitable Gifts and Trusts


Family Gifts and Trusts

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