Estate Planning For The Long Run

Estate Planning For The Long Run

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Estate planning is something you do for yourself and your family. However, your family will be grateful when the time comes to administer your estate. A comprehensive estate plan does many things and in addition to the orderly transfer of assets, it helps you focus on what is important in the long-term and to plan for that.

Our Family Of Attorneys Can Help With Your Estate Planning Needs

Morris Estate Planning Attorneys understands that and works to create plans that serve their clients goals over the long-term. They have helped thousands of clients over the last three decades with estate plans and the administration and probate of those plans. They have experienced the relief family members find in knowing that everything is in place and the proceedings move forward smoothly.

Our attorneys:

Three Decades Of Estate Planning Experience

Our founding attorney, Gregory Morris, has more than three decades of experience working with Nevada estate and probate laws. He has created thousands of plans and, more important, he has seen those plans through to implementation. Because life is uncertain and circumstances change, he has witnessed the need to modify and alter individual’s plans as they age, divorce, their children grow and their businesses prosper.

This level of experience is invaluable to our clients, as we have seen how various aspects of plans function when the estate goes through administration. We understand how to advise clients when beginning their planning process and throughout the sometimes decades long time frames the plan will be in place.

We Will Be Here For Your Family When The Time Comes

Another value provided by Morris Estate Planning Attorneys is that of continuity. Because your plan may be in place for decades, you want your lawyers to be able to provide the same high level of personalized service during the trust and probate administration as they provided at the plan inception.

Our firm is a family law firm, and in addition to Gregory Morris, both Taylor Morris and Zach Morris, Greg’s sons, focus on estate planning matters. This means that not only do you gain from Gregory’s decades of experience, but that Taylor and Zach will be here to assist you in your estate planning for years into the future. Your estate planning won’t be in the hands of another attorney who has never seen the file, but with an attorney who will help draft it.

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Estate planning can be intimidating, but at our office in Henderson, our staff and attorneys work to make you comfortable and ensure you fully understand every step of the process. Contact us today to begin your estate planning process at 702-471-0990 or use our online form.