Estate Planning For The Long Run

Estate Planning For The Long Run

Charitable Planning

Charitable planning serves two purposes for most people. It is a mechanism for providing gifts to a cause or charity they care about and it allows them to obtain a tax benefit. However, to maximize both the gift to the charity and your tax benefit, it is essential that any charitable gifts be part of a comprehensive estate plan.

Experienced Use Of Charitable Planning For Your Estate

Morris Estate Planning Attorneys has decades of experience handling the sophisticated charitable planning needs of our clients in Nevada, and we can assist you in creating a holistic plan that ensures your gift will successfully benefit your charity and provide you with a tax deduction within your overall estate plan.

There are various types of charitable planning tools available that may serve your needs:

  • Charitable lead trust (CLT)
  • Charitable remainder trust (CRT)
  • Donor advised funds
  • Private foundations

Successfully employing these planning methods require careful attention to detail, as preparation the terms of the trust is technical and improper drafting could lead to a failure and cost your charity a substantial portion of their gift and lead to the loss of your tax benefit.

We can advise you of the advantages of the charitable planning options available and help you implement your goals.

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