Estate Planning For The Long Run

Estate Planning For The Long Run

Power Of Attorney And Advance Directives

You may be uncertain what a “power of attorney” is and why you would need one. The instrument is one that provides authority to another person to act on your behalf. It can be drafted for a specific task such as authorizing someone to act as your agent in a real estate transaction or in the case of most estate plans, it is used to provide “durable” authority for another to pay your bills and carry out business transactions during a time of incapacity.

Everyone Should Have These Instruments In Their Estate Plan

Power of attorney and advance directives that deal with medical care are an essential part of an estate plan. Morris Estate Planning Attorneys is experienced with drawing up these documents for our clients, as they ensure your household can continue to function should you be incapacitated, that your bills and mortgage are paid, and thus provide important peace of mind.

Advance Directives

These instruments are important in Nevada as they provide the guidance your family and health care providers need in the event you cannot speak for yourself. Imagine the stress your loved ones could experience if faced with a significant question regarding your care and they lacked guidance, or if there were conflicting views as to your “true” wishes. Our attorneys can help draft a directive that will provide clarity and peace of mind for your family.

With an advance directive, you eliminate the confusion and stress, and allow your doctors and family to act with the assurance that your intentions are known. These situations are stressful enough without uncertainty or conflict and you can resolve these questions clearly in an advance directive.

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