Estate Planning For The Long Run

Estate Planning For The Long Run

Out Of State Planning And Probates

Nevada provides an attractive climate for many people because of its lack of state tax on individuals, business or trusts. There is also no state transfer tax or inheritance tax. If you are not a Nevada resident, you still may be able to take advantage of these benefits within your estate plan. The state also offers such estate planning strategies as a dynasty trust, which can last up to 365 years, and asset protection trusts.

Could Nevada’s Favorable Laws Help Your Estate Plan?

Morris Estate Planning Attorneys can help out of state individuals set up trusts in Nevada with asset protection, as part of a comprehensive estate plan provide strong asset protection and maximize your wealth transfer to your children or other family members.

Do You Need To Probate An Estate In Nevada?

Nevada has seen rapid population growth in the last few decades and many retirees have moved into the Las Vegas area. You may live out of state, have parents who retired here and named you as the executor in their estate plan, or own property in the state but do not live here. When the time comes to probate their estate, you may find the task challenging, due to your unfamiliarity with Nevada’s probate laws and the need to travel to the state.

Our attorneys can provide the help you need. We can explain the probate process and your duties, as executor, advise you and minimize your need to travel. We also can help heirs who may have questions involving the probate or estate administration of an estate of a parent or other relative.

In addition, our firm also assists out-of-state attorneys who are representing the estate of individuals who owned assets in Nevada but resided in another state at the time of their death.

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